If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.

– Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com

“Thank you for making me feel like a warm-blooded human with a face and a personality, instead of an account number in a cold data base. In other words, thank you for the great customer service.”

“Over the past 25 years I have used Kevin Paulson as my insurance agent. More importantly I have referred hundreds of my real estate clients to Kevin because I knew they would get the same great service I got. The best part of any referral is when the person or business you are referring to makes you look good by providing outstanding service. Kevin has never let any of my clients down. I HIGHLY recommend the Kevin Paulson Insurance Agency.”

“Kevin has been my insurance agent for many years covering my home, autos and an umbrella policy. We have been very happy with the insurance and his advice and frankly think he is the best agent in the business at this time. It gives me great pleasure to refer him to my many clients and find he ends up being their agent routinely.”

“My family has used Kevin Paulson Insurance since 2005, for all of our insurance needs. They’re courteous, prompt, professional, and help me to keep my insurance requirements up to date. I highly recommend Kevin Paulson Insurance!”

“I think the event I remember the most was when our teenage daughter was involved in an accident. We were in Hawaii, and your office handled everything smoothly, efficiently and thoughtfully as you understood how panicked she was. There was no coldness or impersonal attitude, your staff handled it with concern, just as a friend or family member would. Even though our daughter was not at fault, the individual secured a ‘TV commercial’ attorney to try and get some money out of the situation. I told Mary not to be surprised if the insurance company just settles so as to not incur court costs. To my surprise, you and your company followed through and fought back by willing to take it to court, which caused them to drop the case when they saw it wouldn’t be easy money. That is integrity.
You have saved me hours and hours by not feeling a need to read the insurance offers I receive in the mail or by phone. A few dollars in savings would be a poor trade for the service and integrity of your insurance agency.”

“I always appreciate Kevin and his team’s responsive, can-do solution and service oriented approach to meeting me and my family’s seeming ever changing property and casualty insurance needs. I can recall several instances when I had what seems like serious issues to solve and his calm thoughtful approach always exceeded my expectations. Hard to match his positive service oriented results.”

“We have been working with Kevin Paulson agency for a few years and they have always given us the best service in a timely manner. They have provided accurate and tailored information to suit our needs, always taking into consideration the financials of the transaction. The staff is friendly and questions are answered promptly. So, no need to say we are not going anywhere for our insurance needs!”

“Over twenty years ago when I came to Rancho Bernardo, I searched for an insurance service to cover our auto, home and personal needs. We were directed to Kevin Paulson who had a reputation as being a very astute insurance professional and, also, was a very ethical person. Kevin Paulson Insurance Agency represents the highest quality insurance companies, and with Kevin’s personal attention to our needs, we will probably have him as our insurance agent for another 20 years.”

“I’m a satisfied customer of Paulson Insurance. For over 30 years I have trusted them with my seven cars and two homes along with my most precious children since the time they could drive. The children have now continued the ‘tradition’ of being insured with Paulson Insurance. It’s not so much the insurance company that we rely upon but the staff at Paulson Insurance we call for help. Finally, Kevin Paulson represents integrity and professionalism and the Williams family feels very safe and secure in his competent hands.”